IMPORTANT NOTICE: Phishing email and attachments leading to fraudulent weblink pretending to be from Sanston Financial Group Limited

重要通知:偽冒Sanston Financial Group Limited發出的釣魚電子郵件、附件並可能連結至虛假超鏈結

It has come to our attention that fraudsters have issued a phishing email pretending to be from Sanston Financial Group Limited (the "Company"), inviting customers or members of the public to open attachments or fraudulent weblink for illegal use.

Sanston Financial Group Limited (「本公司」)近日得悉有騙徒偽冒本公司發出虛假電郵,誘騙客戶或公眾人士點擊附件或超鏈結,以作不法用途。

We hereby confirm and advise that the phishing email, attachment and fraudulent weblink have no connection with the Company and its subsidiaries.

本公司在此確認並通知客戶該等虛假電郵, 附件或超鏈結與本行及任何本行之附屬公司並無任何關係。

Customers and members of the public are advised not to open such phishing emails and attachment and fraudulent weblink and not to provide personal information on suspicious weblinks. Customers and the public are reminded not to disclose any sensitive personal information to any suspicious email and / or calls without verification of the message sender's identity.

本公司提醒客戶及公眾人士切勿開啟該等虛假電郵, 附件或超鏈結,並切勿於任何可疑超鏈結上提供個人資料。本公司提醒客戶及公眾,在未經核實發送者身份的情況下,切勿向任何可疑的電郵及/或電話透露任何敏感的個人信息。

Any customer or members of the public who has provided any of his or her personal information via the phishing email, attachment and/or fraudulent weblink should promptly call the Company’s Enquiry Hotline on 852-29860000 for assistance.

任何客戶或公眾人士若曾於該欺詐釣魚電子郵件及/或虛假超鏈結提供個人資料,請盡快聯絡本行熱線852-29860000 尋求協助.

If you have fallen prey to a scam, please immediately report to any local Police Station or reach Anti-Deception Coordination Centre of the Police Force by calling the 24-hour "Anti-Scam Helpline 18222".


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